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                vice general manager Liu Wenwu said. In the industry, by

                This wave of "the history of the most fierce price war " on the manufacturer's influence far beyond the " overtime ". In addition to shipments soared, more and more ruthless " price " more manufacturers. " Now the business enterprise in the spell the price, for the supplier, is very resource overdraft, obtains eight point income, so the supplier of the market will be relatively cautious. " TCL ( micro-blog ) electronic Business Company vice general manager Liu Wenwu said. In the industry, by "evaporation " out of the two, is a business enterprise to channel " squeezing " results.
                According to a department store brand responsible person said, " channel promotion, manufacturers pay" is actually the guild regulations. " On the whole, in the enterprise that let the line, about half the amount needed to undertake supplier. But ' half ' is an overall ratio, specific who bear much benefit amount, but also the channel operators and suppliers of discourse right. " The source said, big brand assumed the post would be less, some well-known brands even without the need for a price war bill. The visibility is low, the smaller the brand, imputed cost will be higher. " This is in fact the distributors and suppliers game. "